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You walk into a venue and see an attractive, twenty-something guy holding a guitar standing in front of a mic. You sigh, look around, and wonder how this show is going to be any different than any other you’ve sat through. Then…it starts. Kyle Cruz’s soulful smooth voice and the percussive strums of his guitar fill the room and everything you think you “know” about this guy disappears. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that Kyle Cruz, the musician and the man, is different.

Kyle Cruz is a young man with an old soul whose passion for creativity, truth, and relationships has spurred a musical sensation unmatched in presence and skill. While his natural talent is undeniable, the level of skill and technique that define Kyle is only obtainable through unhindered years of dedication to his craft. The most recent of those years have been spent in Nashville, TN where he has surrounded himself with the finest songwriters and producers that Music City has to offer. While his initial move to Nashville was to attend Middle Tennessee State University’s recording technology program, the real education came when he signed a production agreement with award- winning songwriter and producer, Scott Davis. For the next few years, Kyle learned how to shape his creativity into radio-ready hit songs and became skilled at the engineering and production processes. Because of his dedication to hone his talent, he has found himself in a place where the talent, entertainment value, and drive are primed and ready- to-go. All that’s missing is the platform.

What makes Kyle so unique isn’t only his desire to achieve his potential but also his intent to create music that initiates an experience for every listener. His passionate love songs make the girls swoon and its impossible to stay still when listening to his beat- driven pop hits. But at the core of every song is his desire to create content that inspires individuals to dream big, love relentlessly, and never give up. This attitude of resilience was passed down from Kyle’s father, a bass-playing immigrant from the Philippines who sacrificed endlessly so that his family could pursue their dreams of a better life. Being a first-generation American, Kyle is determined to do just that. The journey hasn’t been easy–Kyle’s father passed away in 2006 with lung cancer and his wife got diagnosed with progressed melanoma five days after returning from their honeymoon— but his desire to create a legacy through music drives him on.

All around the world, people are in need. Some need to be encouraged, some need to be loved, some need to laugh, and hey, some even need to dance. Regardless of what they’re looking for, the world is waiting and ready—ready for the man, the musician, Kyle Cruz.


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Whether booking the ‘Movie|Music|Performance,’ ‘Full-Band,’ or ‘Acoustic’ show, I’ll work to help you make your event the biggest night of the year!  Creativity has no limits with my show.  Want to put your logo on the screens?  No problem!  Want to show your video as part of the show?  No problem!  Want me to do back flips?–I’ll try.  Send me a message below and let me know how I can help you create the most talked-about-night of the year that your friends will remember forever!

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