What I do


I've created a lot: music production, songwriting, music videos, promotional videos, church media, websites, technical solutions, change initiatives, events, conferences, festivals, corporate infrastructure, residential development and more. In 2019, let's be honest--creating anything is not that impressive. What is impressive is producing change that sticks. I've helped companies reach and sustain up to 70% increases selling products, services, and experiences.


In business, whatever we create needs a plan.  If the plan is too vague, we accomplish nothing; however, success becomes far more likely if the plan is detailed and clearly delegates and communicates targets, objectives, and goals.  I have solid experience in research and development, accounting, media licensing, contract negotiation, and more. With a strong mind for strategy and logistics, I've been the last minute, go-to-guy able to float sinking plans.


Great plans don't carry themselves out.  It takes a solid team.  The problem is that leading talented teams of people can be difficult. Creative individuals are uniquely vested in their work, which can give way to ego-competition . Arguments can erupt and suddenly a winning game feels lost in the third quarter.  Luckily, I learned a lot about leading people during my 7 years as a Pastor at a 16,000 member church. I can release pressure from any team whether I am designated as leader or assigned to support from within.