About Me

I love music.  I always have!  I was born in a musician’s house so I learned to play all kinds of instruments at an early age.  My Dad was a foreigner, and he raised me to work with my hands.  We sure broke a lot  of stuff growing up, but we managed to fix a thing or two!  I love my wife, Allison.  We love our kid, Lilian.  Together, we all love our old lab, Chapter.  We’ve also lived an incredibly unique and difficult journey together.

Looking back, it’s all a whirl wind.  I lost my childhood best friend to cancer when I was 16.  I buried my Dad to cancer when I was 21.  Then when I was 25, I got married.  Two weeks after our honeymoon, my new wife was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer!  Talk about heavy!

When we find ourselves in heavy seasons, we face a tough choice.  We can either let the weight pull us straight down, or if we’re willing to muster the courage, we can push back against the force breaking our muscles until strength either builds or just shows up.  I failed a lot in my lifting attempts, but I think I had some unseen help along the way.  In high school, I managed to graduate with over a 4.0 GPA at the top of my class despite the depression I faced from loss.  After my Dad passed, I worked hard at MTSU studying the music business and I managed to get a recording deal as an artist!  When my wife, Mallory, got sick,  I got off the road and took a job at our church running the audio and video equipment at a then 10,000 member church.  Despite the heavy battles at home, I grew as a leader and ended up becoming one of the 3 campus pastors serving 16,000 members.
Our cancer battle happened in plain view of a lot of people.  That was hard on it’s own, and it was even more difficult when Mallory passed away in early 2017 leaving myself and our daughter behind.  I was crushed.  I had lost everything.  I asked the Lord to help me and give me strength again.  He blessed me in the most unexpected way.
Mallory made me have one of those, “if I die, you need to move on conversations…”  That’s another story for a different time, but basically Mal had told me that she felt she was going to pass, and that God would bring me someone quickly.  Well, He did.  I met a beautiful woman out of nowhere at a wedding.  Her name was Allison and she was a professional songwriter living up in Nashville.  We fell in love hard and fast, got married, and I moved my daughter and I up to Nashville to start over.
It’s been a crazy journey.  It’s been really tough, and overwhelmingly difficult at times.  I’ve seen days where I thought I could not make it another step, and I’ve lived through moments where it felt like someone was somehow doing everything for me and through me–grace.  Regardless, I’ve lived a story that’s yielded a high level of grit in my soul.  I am so aware how hard life can be on others, and I’m super passionate about sharing the grace of the Lord in whatever it is that I’m doing.  I work hard.  I live with excellence, and I’m enjoying every second of this roller coaster we call life!  I hope you’re enjoying it too!