About Me

I’m a half-Filipino that loves music and creative projects.  When I get invited to join a creative team in any capacity—I come alive.  Time disappears and suddenly it does not matter how long I work to achieve results. 


I’m seasoned.  I’ve been a head worship pastor leading a 15,000 member church while overseeing 142 contracted musical positions per week.  I’ve been a campus pastor at a mega church developing plans and launching an entire campus.  I’ve been the head of Global Development for Capitol Christian Music Publishing while also serving and developing global, label initiatives.  I’m even an experienced VP that has the responsibility of thinking about EBITDA along with all hiring, training, and even termination to achieve desired results.  While these professional experiences have challenged and grown me, I believe my personal life experiences are what refined me.


My story is deep.  I lost my childhood best friend to cancer in 2000 when I was 15 years old.  While that experience rocked me, I managed to graduate at the top of my high-school class and moved to Tennessee for college.  During my Sophomore year of college, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer.  I moved home to help my mom and worked with professors to continue remotely. My Dad passed away May 5th of 2006, and to say that that “hurt” doesn’t even capture it.  But I moved on.  I eventually met a girl (Mallory), got married, and two weeks after our honeymoon  she was diagnosed with cancer unexpectedly on the anniversary date of my Father passing (May 5th of 2010).  We fought the disease hard together for nearly 7 years, experienced many miracles including having a child (Lilian), but unfortunately my wife (Mallory) passed away February 2017.


All of it hurt, but the gospel of Jesus is about redemption.   The experiences of life can try to ruin us, but I believe there is always hope. 


Again, I moved on.  On May 5th of 2017, I went to a wedding and met a songwriter from Nashville (Allison).  She had recently read the bible, had a radical salvation experience, and was on fire for the Lord.  I pursued her despite how much more attractive she was than me.  She wrote a song about me (in 2017) that became the #1 country song two weeks in a row (2019) entitled, “Prayed For You” by Matt Stell.  I sold everything in Atlanta and moved back to Nashville to pursue whatever the Lord had for me.  Allison married me, and I kept going.


I’m happy to say that I’m now a VP living in Murfreesboro, TN.  I’ve been remarried now for 4 years.  Allison and I parent our two children:  Lilian from my previous marriage and Chloe who is just a baby.  We are expecting our third child in late summer of 2022.  I am beyond privileged to report that no matter what you go through, Jesus is totally capable of miracles in your life if you’ll just brave the journey.  My life serves as a testimony to what He is capable of.


I love smoking meats.  I love cooking.  I love guitars, amplifiers, and all vintage gear.  I love writing.  I love my friends as if they were my own family.  I love my church, I enjoy a bourbon from time to time, and I’m okay with that dichotomy.  I love growing.  I accept being challenged.  I love an underdog story as I am one myself, and I can’t wait to hear how I can help you in whatever journey lies ahead. 


Let’s go.