Live Producer

Organized Pre Production alongside Production Manager.  Aggregated all content from Artists, Sponsors, and CCMG marketing team and formatted for video display.  Worked with Artist Managers to communicate timelines.  Communicated logistics with event space.  Helped to secure speaking talent.  Served all performers/artists directly so that they had what they needed, knew where to be, and knew when to get where.  Aided all other CCMG teams, event teams, and had an absolute blast.


Production Manager

Negotiated contracts with audio and video contractors.  Chose equipment and aided in set up on location.  Worked with JC team to set up timeline and capture.  Made calls to retake recordings due to local construction noise.  Clean capture of audio led to opportunity for album release.


Worked directly with extensive list of artists and speakers including Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe, Elevation, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Mack Brock, Chris McClarney, Montell Jordan, We The Kingdom, Gabriella Rocha, Jonathon Traylor, Kim Walker-Smith, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Chris Quilala, Israel Houghton, Anna Golden Ricardo Sanchez, United Pursuit, Shane & Shane, Robert Madu, Carl Lentz, Lisa & John Bevere, John Maxwell, Priscilla Shirer and more.  Helped to curate live production during the capture of live performances.  Developed budgets.  Worked with managerial teams.  Worked with Production Managers to coordinate lighting cues, entries and exits.  Served all angles of pre-production and live capture to produce polished, video assets.


Independently consulted Maverick City Founders and President on Spanish market development and strategies.  Aided in connecting key Spanish-market artists to project.  Helped aggregate local Atlanta talent to serve as “Spanish Choir” for live recording.  Aided in selection of Spanish musicians for project.


Produced Worship Together’s Spanish Christmas album, “La Esparanza Del Mundo”.  Negotiated deals with performing artists.  Oversaw translations of curated publishing catalog.  Oversaw production from conception to completion aggregating global recordings for mix.  Worked with external A&R teams in development of video assets.  Joined marketing efforts for targeted global marketing campaign.


Brokered deals between international record labels securing opportunities for cross collateralization between artist markets.  Oversaw translation process and served as the liaison between artists and artist A&R, Marketing Management and Label teams.  Organized pre-production alongside CCMG A&R and aided in live capture by creating on the spot solutions while pioneering procedure.  Aided in Post Production and worked with artist teams to create a unified launch.


An outdoor festival that gathered a mass of over 27,000 people at Stone Mountain–the largest confederate monument in the United States.  People gathered from all races, denominations, and generations to take a public stance against racism.  Musical performances by:  Tasha Cobbs, Montell Jordan, Shane & Shane, United Pursuit, Travis Greene, and more.

Accepted and took over as Executive Producer 5 weeks prior to the event.  Gained quick understanding of the vision, made plans, and led meetings to to define and delegate objectives.  Quickly secured and finalized AVL contracts, location negotiations, and permitting.  Led cross-functional teams to create an organized, safe and successful event.


Developed global translation teams for Spanish, French, Italian, Tagalog (Filipino), German, Portuguese, and Korean languages.  Sought out talented, global translators and developed CCMG best practices for song translation.  Acted as Creative Director for translation teams and approved final translations.  Worked with other Publishers to create buy-in and support around translations.  Worked with international artists and organizations to curate promotional opportunities for translations.  Worked directly with Hillsong Mexico and Portuguese Churches on video development and promotion of “The Blessing”.  Worked directly with Passion and Evan Craft on development of “There’s Nothing That Our God Can’t Do”.  Aided CCMG Publishing Creative in first Spanish writing camp.


Multiple experiences as an event producer and production manager.  Able to filter and mold an idea into a creative vision, organize a detailed plan, and lead large teams towards success and on budget.  Experience in negotiation, music licensing, musical performance, performance coaching, audio engineering, video engineering, light design, event broadcasting, streaming, logistics, security, accounting, and more.  Created successful events for:  Victory World Church, Montell Jordan, Crystal Nicole, Kim Walker-Smith, Israel and New Breed, Chris August, Ricardo Sanchez, guest appearance by Lecrae and more.


Consulted Church worship teams in development of song writing, publishing processes, and song and media development.  Met with Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, HR, Worship Leaders, and production teams for development and pre-production phases aiding in smooth event capture.  Connected professional engineers to aid in development of final products.  Supported and served church teams from conception to completion.  Nominated for Dove Award in 2012 for efforts supporting Montell Jordan and “Shake Heaven” album.


Worked with artists and management teams all around the world.  Focused on aggregating artists with the largest social media influence to serve ministry experience to a targeted audience while capturing data for international song marketing.


Vast experience creating book and video based curriculum for church/corporate small-group or meeting use.  Able to deduce individual concepts from a larger story or change initiative in order to produce decentralized communications in book and video form.  Capable of creating experiential branding concepts that help these ideas “freeze” after communicating a change through a media outlet.

In this example, we branded a sermon series across three church campuses over 40 miles apart.  External windows of every church location were wrapped with sticker graphics, and congregants entered into themed hallways where a live central broadcast from the main campus played on the TVs.  We even featured pop-up stores supporting the theme selling books, journals, pens, coffee mugs and more.

Aided John Maxwell’s team in production of similar media.


Spent nearly 7 years on staff at a 16,000 member church–Victory World Church.  Started as a volunteer and later accepted a job offer as technical director over the production department.  Held positions as Lead Worship Pastor, Worship-Production Pastor, Creative Pastor, and Founding Midtown Campus Pastor.  Valued highly for creative gifting and business acumen.

Helped to establish musical non-profit, Victory World Music.  Managed content creation, songwriting, music production, licensing, and more.  Led alongside worship artist Montell Jordan laying the foundation for Victory House Worship.  Co-produced the largest outdoor show ever performed on Austia Beach near Rome, Italy.